The Sleeper

by Red Space Cyrod

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released April 22, 2017

Music & lyrics by Red Space Cyrod

Album crafted between December 2016 & April 2017 in Los Angeles, California & Paris, France via Dropbox

Engineered, produced & mixed by Cyrille Poumerie
Engineered, co-produced & co-mixed by Jay Echeverria

Additional parts on "What I Did Not Tell You" recorded by Clément Malherbe

Additional voices and voice samples include:
Francesca Martone, Ayla Rose Castillo, Xavi & Lizzy Castillo on "The Mark of the Sigh" & Olivia Thai on "Children of the Papaya Moon"

Mastered by Dave Schultz at d2 Mastering in Los Angeles, California

Painting by Eliot Poumerie

Many thanks to Audrey Lemery, Sébastien Auger, Yoko Sato, Livia Monteleone, Rabbit, Antoine Mercier, Digit Nobodaddy, Catherine Nerac and others...



all rights reserved


Red Space Cyrod Paris, France

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Track Name: BWG
It's in the picture, sleeping in the books
It's in the altar, living in the old clothes
I remember when I was about your age
it might just come back to me
In black and white and grey
Track Name: Give Me the Hour Back
Give me the hour back
Let's put things right again
Give me the hour back
There's room in the ditch
Take your bones back
My hands are full of mud
Take your bones back
And build a milky bait

Zsa Zsa Gabor is your friend
Lionel Richie is your friend
Françoise Hardy is your friend
Alain Delon is your friend

Give me the life back
With noise and light games
Give me the life back
The doubt is slowing down
Take your shadow back
I want to keep my privacy
Take your shadow back
And close the door now
Track Name: Mahican Doves
The morning moon shun like the sun
It sang to me, "you're missing my love"
The dark breeds the light. Imagine that.
Track Name: Automatic Rainy Sun (Marche Solaire)
...Nous marchons dans le ciel
...Nous marchons dans le soleil
...Nous marchons dans nos cœurs
...Nous mangeons le soleil...

Nous marchons.
Track Name: The Mark of the Sigh
Free fall back into the sky
Pounds of clouds in the sky, passing me by
The sun beams on my face and I don't know why
C'est la vie, it's the mark of the sigh


My dear son, awaken now
The sunbeam shines on your face
My dear child, awaken now
Fly through the sky, but don't ask why
Track Name: Pocket Coffee
...I miss a stranger
...I sleep in the manger
...I need some coffee
...Because I am nobody
Track Name: Nephilim Frequency
Please do not cry
Where are you going ?
Are you here ?
What shall we write write now ?
What shall we sing now ?
Do not feed the animals
Track Name: Fishing with Stars
I dreamed that I sing this song
And the strange words was...

I was fishing with stars.
Track Name: Red Space Wine
Go and make everything you want to be tonite
I said that you read everything to be
So go and fly tonite, with the wine in you eye and smile
(Leave me in the sky, leave me with my wine)

Dream cycle coming in the morning
It arrives in the afternoon
On comes the night and the moon rises in the night
Heaven comes, heaven sings, heaven knows,
heaven brings, heaven means
I know the dream cycle
The evening shines its moonbeam on the sun
The back of the moon says hey
Dream cycle in the night
As it plays and it shares, it plays in the sun
The moon beams in the night

From Paris to LA, we have taken flight
Under the ocean, under the night
Into the AM, the morning dew sees the light
We've climbed the sky, we've climbed the night
We've taken our packs, and have gone and not come back
We've taken flight under the ocean, under the night
We've got our sounds, we've got our wine
So parting is such sweet sorrow
And to you I say, good day, good evening and good night
Track Name: Serene as a Dead Tree
The reach of an ocean tide
Comes from the outside
We fall from the sky
In our own minds, on our own minds
My bones tremble on the inside
I fall as beauty drops
As serene as a dead tree
The monster corrupts every ocean drop
As I lay under the tree
Waiting for the fruit to drop
Track Name: The Sleeper
Who you call your own shows me you're nothing
You've got no hole, you've got nothing
I've seen your eyes, they have no smiles
I know your mind, there is nothing
So go away, save the ones you declared to love...

Gee, why us ?

"Domine, non sum dignus
ut intres sub tectum meum,
sed tantum dic verbum,
et sanabitur anima mea"

A whisper.
Track Name: My Bloody Smile on a Cloud
Don't you mean it ?
What's your reason for the magic ?
I might imagine what could happen
Until then I'll just dream
Don't you see it ? Can you imagine what I feel inside ?
Love is bargained, faith is a margin
I can only see with my heart...

My bloody smile on a cloud.

Don't you see it ?
Where the hell is the magic ?
I might imagine what might happen
Until then I'll just dream
Don't you see it ?
Can you imagine what I feel inside ?
Love is bargained, faith is a margin
I can only see with my heart...

My bloody smile on a cloud.
Track Name: Holy View
...Long live the view that's holy
...Long live the sun above me
...Long live tears flowing...

Angels remain lonely.

...Long live the dew in the morning
...Long live the moon above me
...Long live fears surrounding...

Heaven sings its glory.