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released May 18, 2016

*Recordings and cover art by Red Space Cyrod.

Album made between January and May 2016 in Paris, France & Los Angeles, California via Dropbox.

Production, engineering, mixing & mastering by Cyrille Poumerie
Co-production & engineering by Jay Echeverria

All instruments, programming, lyrics and voices by Red Space Cyrod.



all rights reserved


Red Space Cyrod Paris, France

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Track Name: Exorcise The Exorcist
Exorcise the exorcist
It's like you kill the death
Walk on the wall in your sleep
To calm the old nightmares.
I turned my head for a second
To avoid the sunlight
Exorcise the exorcist
It's like you're born again.

There is an island teaming with
All the shadows and the fears
I have built a shelter there
To feel alive one last time.
Track Name: 90's Russian
What have you done ?
A cloud of blood as feelings shudder.
Once we enjoyed wonder,
Wide-eyes and glad-hearted,
But your heart perished.
A sickening vision of lies,
Tears follow pain, follow blood,
Love taken away.

In a storm of sorrow, I see you.
The russian girl of the 90's.
Track Name: Dungeon Eagle
I did what I have to do
You wiped the tasks on my front
I tried not to look behind
But the disaster...

I'm the eagle in the dungeon
See my wasted wings
See my eyes to the horizon
See my wasted wings
Track Name: A Shelter Therefore
I lay my head on your soft lap
And we tickle each other in the green grass.
But I must tell you that this won't last
And time will only pass.

Just look at all the stars in the sky,
Look at the moon. Listen to the wind.
Ah, come here. Come to me and lay your head to rest.
Just lay your head to rest.
You are beautiful, you are kind,
You are smart and very wise.
I love you because you are you.
Track Name: Fawn's Mask
The Fawn's mask will never be dug up,
I hid it in a secret place.
The Fawn's mask will keep its peace of mind.
Track Name: The Velvet Dress
I huff, I settle down, I woof and slightly frown
I stare, nothing compares, I yell and yell and yell

I've got this ringing in my ears
She says it's from the venom
But I have not yet trust her
The velvet dress

I speak, I tease, I shout, I scream
But nothing compares, oh nothing repeats
Except for your velvet dress

Please do not take your time

I've got this ringing in my ears
She says it's from the venom
But I have not yet trust her
The velvet dress
Track Name: Free Tears (For The Eye)
Ah, free tears
I don't have a clue as to what
I don't know what
Why, as to why I don't know
Ha ha ha ha ha, we laugh it off.

I know you, you came to my house
I gave you something in a box.
Do you remember what was in that box ?

Shwaah-shweai-shwaah-shweai-shwhoa, I don't know
Ha-hey-ha-hey-ho, we don't know
Shwaah-shweai-shwaah-shweai-shwhoa, I don't know
Ha-ha-ha-ha-hey, do we know ?

I loved you forever,
I've kept you under my blanket,
I've served only to regret nothing.
But I gave my tears of pride and servitude,
To the only crime of not knowing what to do,
With the love that I gave to the only one...

My eye.
Track Name: The Sun From T
He asked him a second chance
With this cunning childish look.
She khows how to hold back tears
She doesn't learn it in a book.
This Velvet Lady who cannot smile
Has a weapon in the eye
When she spills you on the sidewalk
You have to know these things.

Did she ever say goodbye ?
Did she suggest that there is a choice ?
Nothing can be left to chance
In the Velvet Lady's World.
Track Name: Since The Wind Crosses Us
In the beginning of the remotely fierce-full and feared,
Oriented misunderstandings of the hypocrisy,
In between every ocean drop in the wind that crosses us.
And every being of misfortune can only become,
The capacity to which it reaches its own persistence,
And every organism of every species becomes entitled to one.

Since the wind crosses us.

How about it, baby ?
On a windy highway ?
In the middle of the Autumn rain ?
I'll bet you'll say,
In the middle of the bay ?
Shiny, shiny, shiny things ?
It's a matter of fate.
Track Name: Ought After
He should ought to look after the rainy sky
He should swallow the disturbing clouds
Now you can see him inflating the trunk
He is still the prince of the free airs.
Track Name: Chalk Starch Sometimes
Sometimes I feel the moment as you feel the doubt coming out
It takes the shape of a skin, it recovers me as a rain.
Sometimes I'm all here, in the mud as you feel ill omen,
It takes the shape of a dream, it recovers me as a mane.
Track Name: Florida Roadkill
Absolute tears for the absolute surrendering vessel.
This is not a warning, but a celebration
Of your courage, love and servitude.
You are beautiful, you are kind,
You are smart and very wise.
I love you because you are you;
The pain of love in the heart’s center of a machine.

Glory in tears. My secret glory.