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released September 14, 2014

Music and lyrics by Jay Echeverria & Cyrille Poumerie.
Additional trombone on "The Admiral's Song" by Pudge West.
Additional lyrics on "Flying Tutti", "Traditional Organ LRRL" & "Clay Cold Lips" by anonymous.
Recorded and mixed by Cyrille Poumerie & Jay Echeverria in Paris, France & Los Angeles, California.
Mastered by Lucien Dall'Aglio in Montpellier, France.
Cover art by Samuel Biscuite.
[Disc 1] tracks 1 - 13
[Disc 2] tracks 14 - 25

Merci beaucoup: Linge Records, Shystrak, Jean Bitonio, Ramou Ramirez, IRM Magazine, Rabbit, Aunty Tammy and those we forgot.





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Red Space Cyrod Paris, France

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Track Name: Flying Tutti
My dress is silent when I tread the ground
Or stay at home or stir upon the waters
Sometimes my strapping and the lofty air
Raise me above the dwelling place of men

And the power of clouds carries me far
Above the people and my ornaments
Loudly resound, send forth a melody
And clearly sing

When I am not in touch, with earth or water
But a flying spirit, like a flying thinking
Track Name: On Either Side of The Eraser
He came to me in the night
I was in a state of dreaming
I was dreaming about heaven or hell
I thought about it
And I thought I don’t want to die
So this is it
I must draw or erase
It looks like rain, deeper than the sea
Tomorrow will not be too late
And if I sing, you are my voice
Track Name: Laughter Beaucoup
That single set comes orderly
More calm than anything solitary
The names stay on the wall
Quiet and mute and ready to fall
Track Name: Rolling Map
And then you came
You came to my front door
Did you see that I was missing ?
I was missing in action
The time before you came
Was the time that he showed his face
Do you know this man ?
Did you know that this man is quite good ?
And if you do not believe me
Then you will see
That every time
Ahem, excuse me
Every time you close your eyes
You will see that
Uh, you know
Something like that...
We are who we are
We're both dead now
We are invisible
Track Name: The Admiral's Song
Dear thigh queen
Show me the town
How many motels and cemeteries ?
Take off your fingers
And lead the way
I'm on the roadside, grey like a stone

Dear thigh queen
Show me the town
How many motels and cemeteries ?
How many lovers and celebrities ?
How many dreamers and antiquities ?
Track Name: Dulciner Delight and Flight
The night is for you to paint the sky in black
Shadows out of your mind, hovering
Round and soft as a tear
Round and dark as a fear
The crowd left the vast place, silently
Birds follow the story, cleaning their feathers
Light and dusty as a tear
Light and dusty as a fear
A tear never fill your grave
A fear never wash your grave
I’m sorry for the rain, but someone must go…
Track Name: On The Stage Stood
The paper stares at you and me
I have no sense, no release
And I have you
It could be a sad song
But my ink run cold
It could be a bad dream
On the stage stood
Track Name: Traditional Organ LRRL
The maidens came
When I was in my mother's bower;
I had all that I would.
The bailey beareth the bell away;
The lily, the rose, the rose I lay.
The silver is white, red is the gold;
The robes they lay in fold.
The bailey beareth the bell away;
The lily, the rose, the rose I lay.
And through the glass window shines the sun.
How could I love and I so young ?
The bailey beareth the bell away;
The lily, the rose, the rose I lay.
Track Name: Floating in Sugarflesh of Saturn
I learned to sleep undreaming
Where are no eyes for witness
Where did we first separate ?
In the birdcall I found
A reminder of you
Taking pictures of trees

Here comes the topic: How many ?
Dirty hands over the faces
A shovel to rub out the words
Paper walls and bugs inside
We eat the sun, we drink the clouds
Dry dust is like an endless friend
Pleated eyes under the sweat
Paper smiles and tears inside
And now you may stand
On the face of the Earth
Do you know where the sun rises ?
Do you know why the moon rises ?
You may stand on the face of the Earth
Track Name: Giant Wooden Sheets and Other Mantras
Did you ever ?
Track Name: Poussière Urbaine
And here is the forecast
Uh, one. Uh, no, no, no, no, no
Um, you, uh, yeah. No
You see, we're both different entities
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that
But uh, you know.
Um, there is something wrong with your face
And that is that you have blood
Blood coming from your eyes
Um, are you god ?
Are you god ?
Um, I'm not sure
I'd like to ask again
Are you god ?
Uh, there is blood rushing from your eyes
Uh, I don't cry. I don't want to cry, but I do cry
And you know, it's the same thing really
It's like one of those things
Um, just, you know, one of those things
But actually, I've come here to tell you
Uh, I have a message from my boss
And that is
Well, uh.. How can I tell you ?
I really don't know
I think uh..
I think it's something you'll have to find out
But I'd sure like to tell you
Track Name: Monday in Lazytown with Ivy the Canyon Killer
So what is next ?
I just don’t know
To commit a crime and follow through
So I say
Just let it go (I’d rather kill you)
And so you say (So suffer now)
Come to me (Suffer your sins now)
Track Name: Sheperd's Gold
I found the Sheperd’s gold on the mountaintop
It’s filled with silver sheets of ice and lollipops
I don’t care if you knew the truth before I did
Because I saved the Sheperd’s gold
It’s in my fortress
And I don’t wear the cloak of undiagnosed bizarres
And I have my own fleece when I strum my guitar
Track Name: Lee Levy
It may not always be so
I think I see someone else
Who find you in the forest ?
I have seen all the silence
Your face; Oh my, it’s such a grace
Have I ever gone ?
Hot about you, hot about me, hot about you
Track Name: Garden of Annoyed Chances
The idolaters spoke amongst themselves
In the public venue about her knowledge
She knew how to pleasure them
She knew how to humiliate herself
In order to gain the secrets of naked men
Track Name: Alpine
I never talk to your shadow
No fear, no doubt, only distance
I read your words and hear your voice
I saw you on the video
My American brother
Your story is a big novel
Track Name: Ballad into the Middle Glass
I can speak for a really long time
Without voicing slander
But everything hurts me
And I know how to hate
Childhood, I place you at
The center of the world
To the center of my heart
You place yourself
Track Name: Stones and Wind
Roger knew they were cowards and bullies, confused; Ill tempered and ill prepared to face themselves and their own souls. As Roger studied the nature of the golden son, he was reminded of akin memories, growing up in his home. He was an orphan. He was a bastard child of a father that abandoned him at birth and a mother that was too young to know the true nature of people and the life around her; His foster parents. He was curious; he was ambitious. Quietly and outwardly and stupidly, the others perceived him.
Track Name: Bottom Bum Hobo Gun
It may not always be so
I think I see someone else
Who find you in the forest ?
I have seen all the silence
Nobody loses all the time
They did not stop to think they died
We are not the same you and I
Not only will the sun shine on your head
But your father will kill...
Track Name: For the Other Faces Surrendered
The girl instates
She's insane
The girl let me inside
She left me with a world filled with hate
And girls of the world
They share only forever
But nothing despite their own lives
The girl was insane
She let me inside
Her world was crumbling
Between her eyes
And I knew the only forever
Was to die…
I yawned and I frowned
In the eyes of the lord
He set me aside
I cried
I'll remember you…
Track Name: Don it Don Wrought
Don it Don Wrought
Make it like a road
Like it like a coat
Let your father talk

Feather in the head
Track Name: Silk Lake
It's softly raining on the silk lake
We have a long day in front of us
Grab your sad bag and follow me
We have something to listen to
Dear Ghost Lake I present a friend
Tell him your story as we walk
Diamond, you say you’re such a story
Do you know you ?
Because I know that you're just a child
In search of you and anew
Do I even know that I know you ?
And do you know me, too ?
Track Name: Lollipop
The brain will not deny the days
That come with verdure nor the eye
Ignore the splendor of the changing year
Invested with surprise: belles changing
In the ear with sounds that drowns
The singing of the birds and voices
Rich with prophecy - The words
Fraught with great deeds
Track Name: Clay Cold Lips
'The wind doth blow today, my love,
And a few small drops of rain;
I never had but one true-love;
In cold grave she was lain.

'I'll do as much for my true-love
As any young man may;
I'll sit and mourn all at her grave
For a twelvemonth and a day.'

The twelvemonth and a day being up,
The dead began to speak:
'Oh who sits weeping on my grave,
And will not let me sleep ?'—

''Tis I, my love, sits on your grave,
And will not let you sleep;
For I crave one kiss of your clay-cold lips,
And that is all I seek.'—

'You crave one kiss of my clay-cold lips;
But my breath smells earthy strong;
If you have one kiss of my clay-cold lips,
Your time will not be long.

''Tis down in yonder garden green,
Love, where we used to walk,
The finest flower that ere was seen
Is wither'd to a stalk.

'The stalk is wither'd dry, my love,
So will our hearts decay;
So make yourself content, my love,
Till God calls you away.'
Track Name: Turbo
I don't remember
Where is the root ?
On the turbo road