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released September 18, 2015

*Recordings and cover art by Red Space Cyrod.

Production, engineering, mixing & mastering by Cyrille Poumerie
Co-production & engineering by Jay Echeverria

All instruments, programming, lyrics and voices by Red Space Cyrod.



all rights reserved


Red Space Cyrod Paris, France

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Track Name: The Last Summer Party
It's time for one last dance,
One last dance for the boys,
One last dance for the girls,
One last dance for the dogs and cats,

It's time for one last song,
Let's play and play and play,
Let's sing and sing and sing,
Let's be content to play and sing.

I love you... let's sing and play,
I love you... let's remain a secret,
I love you... let's smile in glee,
I love you... in this moment we are free.

The last summer party.
Track Name: Reminding
I met a lazy guy
He said:

"Hey, what are you doing here ? I've never seen you around."

But then he walked over to the chair and sat down
The girl next to him said:

"Hey, what are you writing there, little man ?
You are a little man. I know you're a little man.
Because I'm a big girl. I'm a feminine species.
I will haunt you for the remainder of your years,
Every time I find a way to snuggle into
The only method of your forsaken heart,
Each time you surrender your love to me."
Track Name: Tesla Dream
(Voice I)

Do I start now ?
Ok, I was paralyzed last night.
I mean, how could I have dreamt that ?
It was not particularly pleasant.
But as I was saying, I was frozen, paralyzed.
And I had not given any thought,
As to what I was experiencing.
But I could not move, I could not breathe,
I could not speak, I could not scream.
It was a sort of...
Obedience, submission, architecture.
Within me, it was speaking, It was watching,
It was lurking, it was speaking.
For hours I was its disciple.
And well, it was quite peculiar.

Frightening dreams are a rendition of my condition.
A lonely mind is the state of my constant submission.

(Voice II)

There were blue lights, yellow sparks
Floating in the sky, as a fireworks.
I was in the sky, light as a cloud.
Channeled by the ions, and quiet.
Those from below did not see me,
And I didn't look at them, hypnotized
I was in the sky, free as an absent mind.
I was so happy that I disappeared.

There was a sign, planted in clouds
"This is the Tesla Dream, and you are welcome"
Track Name: Dancing Barefoot
Un, deux, trois
Ça va ?
A new one.
Ah ouais, Magnifique !
I hope you take pleasure.
Ah oui, je t'aime beaucoup !
As we dance...
With no hands, no eyes, no ears and no freckles
Track Name: Spider Game
Not a day has passed that has only
To outlast the one prior to the first
Days of love, days of fear,
Days of confusion and days of tears.
I don't know if I will ever know
The secret score of the ones who know.
Track Name: Thompson Pepper
The words are cardboard walls,
the words are dead leaves,
the words are only brackets,
the words are dead tears.

I don't know what to do instead of writing songs.
I don't know what to do, please help me sing along.
Track Name: Walking
Ocean blue,
It's not for me, it's not for you.
But I can't resist you.
All the girls are sad.
I feel shy whenever I don't know you or you or you.
I'm all alone in my head,
I am not ashamed to be just that.
Track Name: Golden Spoon
I see that you are even closer than you suspected
Because every time I offer my hand,
You spoon it in the spirit of everything that is equivalent.
"But oh, you are my baby !"
And every time she says this I go out of my mind.

Throught the smoke we could see her
Lying on her bed, head on her pillow.
Her breath was quiet, her hair were brilliant,
The most beautiful statue that I saw.
Throught the smoke we could see her
Stretching the long arms to the sky.
The eyes were smiling, like a child,
The lost beautiful statue that I saw.

She will not tell her dream,
But we shall keep in memory,
That she hides a golden spoon.
Track Name: We Hoped to Find Refuge
Behind the only face you've ever shown is a guy,
A man no one knows.
Don't you see ? Do you see ?
Nothing shall ever come to me.
I've only felt love all of my years.
I've only loved all of my years.
It has shown me the other side of space.
I've felt, I feel.
I'm so tired of feeling...
Why am I so tired of feeling ?
Track Name: Jive
Stop that jive and dig deeper,
Stop that jive and avoid the roots,
Stop that jive and wipe your hands,
We have a tree to plant.

When it will have grown up,
When it will have spread its branches,
We can rest in the shade.